HeDa Scripts for REAPER

REAPER is a great DAW with an extensive capability to be customized and extended with scripts. In this page I want to share some of the scripts I create. I hope you like them. You can support me with a paypal donation Thank you.

To start, you have to install HeDaScripts Manager and then use it inside REAPER to automatically install the rest of the scripts:

HeDa_Loudness Graph v2.0pre5

Here is pre5 with some changes in the keyboard combinations to select tracks. CTRL click on a meter was to solo that track. Now it is to select multiple tracks. Same as in REAPER. SHIFT tracks also selects from first to second selected tracks.

So, now the mouse wheel on meters can affect all selected tracks then. Same to the IL adjust middle mouse button on meter. It can adjust IL of all selected tracks at once.  IL needs to be calculated for a while before you can  middle click and change it with precision.  The existing analyzed part of the graph will shift approximately too to reflect these changes via mouse wheel or middle button.

Also, the new right click menu in the track's icon provides "add or remove children tracks" of the selected track.

v2.0pre5 (2016-02-17)

+ Preserves the order of tracks when added. (global option)
+ Selected tracks background highlight
# CTRL click on meter selects/deselects track(s) and can select multiple tracks now)
+ CTRL drag to select/deselect multiple tracks in one click
+ SHIFT click on meter to select contiguous tracks from first selected to second selected
# MMB and MW on meter now can modify fader of all selected tracks relatively, not only one under mouse.
+ MW on meter: shifts ML/SL/IL graph(s) too by an "approximate value"
+ MMB on meter: shifts ML/SL/IL graph(s) too by an "approximate value"
# ALT click now to toggle solo track (it was CTRL click previously)
+ ALT drag to toggle solo multiple tracks in one click
# ALT click in Show/Hide graph buttons to solo in graph
+ IL numbers in meters are now track's reset buttons too
+ Right click menu on meter icon
+ Add/Remove children tracks of a folder track
# fix: crash sometimes removing tracks


HeDa Loudness Graph update v2.0pre3

updates and fixes making it more stabke.

v2.0pre3 (2016-02-12)
# fix: don't fill non soloed tracks [X-Raym p=1635939&postcount=227]

# fix: meters opacity for non soloed tracks.

v2.0pre2 (2016-02-11)
+ Not closing script while rendering. message or nothing (configurable global option)
# fix: Save projects settings when switching tabs too. It was saving only the graph data.
# potential fix: avoid REAPER freeze in splash screen loading project sometimes if the script is running.
# fix: script crash sometimes when switching tabs and the script is running
# fix: script crash when switching tabs to unnamed project
# fix: script crash when open new project and script is running
# fix: script crash when closing project and script is running
# reset all meters when switching to another project
# fix: script crash removing track in some circumstances [X-Raym p=1635495&postcount=212]
# fix: track focus with master on and off. [X-Raym p=1635495&postcount=212]
# fix: avoid graph draw over menu [X-Raym p=1635495&postcount=212]
# fix: avoid adding tracks already added. [X-Raym p=1635495&postcount=212]



HeDa Loudness Graph v2.0pre1

It has been intense, but the new version of Loudness Graph is here and it is better than ever :-) There are some parts of the code that have been completely rewritten, and new features that make it v2.0, also to avoid confusion with v1.x because the new file format for the data files is not compatible with the v1.x format.

The most important part is the new automatic bus creation. No more post fader worries. Just select the track and add it or remove it.

Read also the new documentation page for more information about what's new: http://reaper.hector-corcin.com/documentation-heda-loudness-graph2

Here is the changelog:

v2.0pre1 (2016-02-10)

  • + New tracks management engine. Automatic creation of post fader send to a hidden bus track
  • + Avoid clearing graph when inserting, removing, refreshing the list of tracks
  • # The order of meters can be manually changed by reordering the hidden bus tracks and clicking the refresh tracks button.
  • # New ".loudnessgraph" file format. v1.1 ".loudness" is incompatible with this version. You can safely delete them.
  • + Global Options file to edit and change options that are not saved on each project.
  • + Automatic detection of track's(name, color, icon) changes
  • + Automatic reset option if play cursor at 0.0 seconds.
  • + Thick line for the track under mouse in meters area
  • + Thick line for the track selected for analysis(right click meter)
  • + Mouse wheel over meters to adjust track's fader volume
  • + SHIFT + Mouse wheel over meters to adjust meters opacity.
  • + Zoom All button. Zooms from =START to =END markers
  • + Zoom lock to arrange button toggle
  • + Full Screen button. (top right corner) only primary monitor and width and height configurable in options.lua
  • + ML lines in meters shown in SL and IL modes too
  • + Configurable meter width. Drag the separator line between meters and graph to resize too.
  • + Configurable grid line step
  • + ML/SL overs level display as red line in graph (if overs is activated)
  • + Click in left grid numbers to change ML/SL overs level.
  • + IL number values on meters options. Show on all meters, show on meter under mouse. master always displayed.
  • + Middle mouse button click on meter change track's fader volume to approximately match IL to value under mouse when clicked
  • + Right click [G1] [G2] [G3] buttons to add the suffix to selected tracks
  • + Button [M] to quickly show only master.
  • + Right click [M] to change master display offset (if needed) 2 default. 0 to disable.
  • + Tooltips (can be disabled in global options file)(click on tooltip area to enable disable too)
  • # Improved online documentation
  • # Dock/undock button. (moved to top right corner as icon button next to full screen button)
  • # Don't update master graph if any track is in solo. If desired, it can be changed in options.lua file
  • # Don't update graph while rendering. It was causing graph glitches
  • # Automatic reset if play cursor at 0.0 seconds
  • # fix: not updating track's icons properly
  • # fix: clicking on region (left to zoom, right click to clear graph)
  • # fix: save default settings if never saved before.
  • # fix: more small bugs

HeDa Freezer

HeDa_Freezer is a little script to automatically freeze all tracks in the project. All MIDI tracks for now. Maybe later I add the option to freeze audio tracks, and both. For now, basically, it searches for items in a track and if there is a MIDI item, it will freeze it.

There is a special case, when you want to freeze a track that has the VSTi and receives MIDI from children tracks. In this case is the empty track with the VSTi, the one needing freeze. It doesn't automatically detect them yet, but you can put an * at the end of the track name to force to freeze that track.

I like at some stage of the project to freeze all MIDI tracks and I was losing time searching for non frozen MIDI tracks. Yes this is useful only if you have many many tracks. It will also freeze each track one by one, which may help in some cases where freezing many tracks at the same time caused a crash.

As always, any suggestions to improve this script welcome.


Creating this site as a home for HeDa Scripts for REAPER.

What is REAPER? my favourite DAW. You can download it here: www.reaper.fm