Thank you for your interest in supporting HeDaScripts.

With a Donation you get all VIP scripts and updates for 6 months and technical support. You can use your downloaded scripts for as long as you want.

Specify the amount you want to donate and click "Donate with Paypal", If it is the first time, you still don't have a VIP user account created, enter your e-mail in the checkout process and it will create the account. After the donation is completed, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to set a password in your account and activate your VIP member account. This will be the e-mail and password used to download and install the VIP scripts from HeDaScripts Manager.

Important: if you use hotmail or outlook or any microsoft related email address, it won't work because they usually block the emails from my server. If you can use another email like gmail for example, it would be better. Otherwise you may have to wait for me to manually send you the login information from another email instead of the automatic email from the server.

Thank you very much for your support!

License duration: 

6 months
These are some donations options. If the option is not in the list you can specify the amount you want. If you use REAPER commercial license you can choose from the commercial license options as suggested.