HeDaScripts Manager

This is a Lua script for REAPER that is used to install, update, or uninstall the rest of the scripts provided here.



  • In REAPER, load the script:
    Go to Actions, Show Actions list...  and click "Load" and select the file "HeDaScripts Manager.lua"
    Now you can run the action or add it to a toolbar. Run it and HeDaScripts Manager downloads the list of scripts available to install, in blue. You can click the install button for the script you want. The first time you run the manager, it may need to auto update itself to the most recent required version. If that is the case, it will ask you to proceed to auto update the manager before continuing. 
  • Before clicking the install button, you can click on the version button which downloads the changelog with details of the current version.
  • After clicking the install button, it downloads the files needed, extracts them to the correct location and adds the needed actions to REAPER. The script becomes green (installed) ready to use.
  • The script is now installed as one or several actions in the list of REAPER actions. You can then assign a keyboard shortcut or add a toolbar button. The Manager also installs some icons for the scripts ready to use for the toolbars.
  • If there is an update for a specific installed script, it will show a light blue button with the new changelog that you can click and see the details of the update. Then a Install update button to download and install the update. When updating, the folder of the existing installed script is backed up and a new version is downloaded and installed. This means that all the files of the new version are new ones, and if you modified some of the global options ini files manually, you lose that customization. That's why there is a backup folder with your previous files if you need them. You should not replace the global options file, but edit them and modify it again as needed, because the new file may contain new variables needed.
  • To uninstall a script, simply click the uninstall button, and the actions are removed from REAPER and the folder of the script is renamed, not deleted. You can delete them manually if you want.
  • All downloads are managed by curl external library, if you are using a firewall, make sure you allow connections for curl.exe in Windows. curl is already installed and working by default in OSX.