HeDa Scripts for REAPER

REAPER is a great DAW with an extensive capability to be customized and extended with scripts. In this page I want to share some of the scripts I create and maintain. I hope you like them and support me with a VIP member donation(Paypal) if you consider it is interesting and helpful for your work. Additional paypal donations can also be sent directly. Thank you.

To start, you have to install HeDaScripts Manager and then use it inside REAPER to automatically install the rest of the scripts:

Track Inspector VIP v1.4rc1 (2019-04-06)

Thanks to many recent donations I've been able to assign more hours of development. This release fixes many things looks a bit better. Some default settings and theme settings have been changed. So maybe you want to try and reset all settings, or just check settings page, now the settings that are changed from default are underlined in red, or in yellow if it is a theme setting.

There is still a thing to fix to support different sizes for theme images which will make easier to use other themes. But for now, you have some new things to check.

This is rc1 version (Release Candidate) so no more new features to add, only bug fixes. New features are on a list for v1.5 :) .

* v1.4rc1 (2019-04-06)
  + Back button to return to original track when right clicking a send to go to send's track.
  + Settings: Use mouse scroll wheel to scroll panels (using scroll wheels to scroll makes sense)
  + Setting: Color/trackname panel pinned on top option
  + Setting: Color/trackname panel shadow option if pinned
  # fix: Make sure proper version (VST3 or VST2) of dpmeter is used.
  # fix CTRL drag receives to fine adjust.
  # fix CTRL drag sends and receives mouse outside script window.
  # fix CTRL drag parameters to fine adjust
  # fix tooltip for toggle solo receive.
  # Automation: additional buttons hidden by default. Enable them in Automation panel menu.
  # moved Input FX button(I-FX) to FX Chain panel
  # do not show I-FX or Analysis chain button for Master track.
  + General panel: Added Recording Mode button
  + General panel: Added Lock Track Height button
  + General panel: Added Track Height Override button
  + General panel: Added Free Item Positioning button
  # General panel: reorganized a bit
  # fix many spacing adjustments
  # Changes in default TI themes (you may want to reload TI theme)
  + Underline changed settings from default,
  + Setting tooltip: add default value if setting changed from default.
  # fix: Load theme... fix default path on window.
  # fix: theme loading optimization
  # fix: add Last touched parameters buttons on FX panel if show parameters in FX panel is enabled.
  # fix: crash changing gendyn_max_seconds setting [p=2116833] Thanks Klangfarben
  # some default settings changes
  # notes panel renamed to Markers panel
  # performance optimizations



* v1.4pre72 (2019-03-28)
  # fix: better project change/load detection.
  + Settings: Draw overs line in color.
  + Settings: Draw reference line in color.
  + Settings: Grid line length factor.

* v1.4pre71 (2019-03-25)
  # some internal optimizations and fixes
  # fix reset IL not working on the PRE-FX meter  

* v1.4pre70 (2019-03-19)
  # fix: fx chain not updating to selected track correctly. broken in pre69 panel reordering


HeDaMixer VIP v2.0pre3 (2019-03-26)

Introducing Mixer Tabs. Each tab is a set of tracks to be displayed on a separate page. If you have many tracks, you can then organize them into tabs and switch between them easily without constant scrolling. It also adds the ability to specify some options for each tab independently of each other, like meter type, default meter width...

  • Create a new tab. Select some tracks first and then press the + button. The new tab will have the selected tracks and locked by default. If you want to edit the tracks displayed in the tab, unlock it first, select the tracks you want, and lock it again.
  • Switch to a tab. Left click on the tab button. Or with the mixer window focused, press numbers 1 to 9 to switch between the first 9 ones.
  • Right click menu of each tab:
    • Special Use MCP tab: This tab shows all tracks that are shown in REAPER MCP window. Right click and select Use MCP tracks. Be carefull to use it if you have many tracks and meter type set to RMS or EBUR128.
    • Refresh from MCP tracks: Right click tab and select Refresh from MCP tracks. This reloads the list of tracks displayed from the tracks displayed on MCP.
    • Lock/Unlock tab: Right click on the tab button, and uncheck/Check the lock menu.
    • Change meter type for the tab: Select Peaks/RMS/EBUR128 to change the meter type for all tracks in the tab.
    • Rename tab: Right click tab and select rename tab...
    • Delete tab: Right click and select Delete tab. No tracks are deleted, just the tab configuration.

Another change is that the Global Settings options are now in a dedicated menu button on the top left, and now when you right click on a track, the menu has only the options that affect that particular track or tracks.

A fix to prevent faders to disappear if the gain value is lower than the minimum  Remember ALT+mouse wheel to change the minimim dB with the window focused. When docked, click on the track numbers or names to focus on the window.

* v2.0pre3 (2019-03-26)
  + Mixer tabs. Manage multiple sets of tracks with tabs
  # Main menu for general settings and menu specific for each track on right click on track.
  + RESET to default command on main menu. Same effect as exiting and deleting the configuration file
  + 4 Fonts and sizes and menu to change fonts. Font 1 default font. Font 2 db grid small, font 3 track names, font 4 track number and IL.
  # fix: draw last track vertical line
  # fix: do not allow faders below threshold to avoid disappearing faders when -inf.

Track Inspector VIP v1.4pre69 (2019-03-19)

Track Inspector update to be able to reorder panels and some changes in Notes panel to show notes from all tracks as a normal panel

* v1.4pre69 (2019-03-19)
  + Panel Reorder Up/Down buttons (disabled by default on settings page)
  # Notes: show notes of all tracks is displayed as a normal panel.
  # Notes: setting to show all notes or track notes is saved.
  # Notes: track notes size to font 2 size
  + customizable text messages when renderings (editing ti_settings file, no UI)
  # fix: another try to refresh selected track on project change

Track Inspector VIP v1.4pre67 (2019-03-14)

New font sizes adjustments and layout, bug fixes and new commands to create actions for Tags and FX groups. For now you have to be running Track Inspector for the actions to work but at least you can assign shortcuts to your favourite tags or fx groups.

font1 is used on small texts, font2 is the default font for all buttons and text, font 3 is used by plugin names and parameters and fader gain. Font 4 is used for the IL loudness meter. I find it good also to change the font4 to Impact or Bebas, for a bold narrow font number.

new default font sizes:
font 1: 12 
font 2: 16
font 3: 21
font 4: 32

* v1.4pre67 (2019-03-14)
  + CTRL+click on FX group to online/offline FX group
  + FXGroups: "Create FX Groups actions" it creates actions to bypass, show, or online/offline FX group
  + Tags: "Create Tag Actions" it creates actions for each tag (TCP MCP MUTE SOLO ISOLATETCP ISOLATEMCP and HEDAMIXER) and tags presets
  # fix: crash when using auto track tags in some cases.
  # theme: some font adjustments. You may want to reload default 5 TI theme to see new default font sizes or reset all settings to default to reload all defaults.
  # theme: layout adjustments on meter panel and improvements
  + theme: visibility options for Mastering/Mixing - Post/Pre - EBUmode buttons on meter panel on the meter panel menu.
  # fix: dragging send fix do not open send when mouse release over send name after dragging a send bar.

HeDaMixer VIP v2.0pre1 (2019-03-11) released

This new 2.0 version of HeDaMixer will have more features that I have in mind but for now it has implemented the basic functions to support RMS and EBUR128 meters. To set the meters type you can find the option in the right click menu as all the options. These modes will increase CPU usage significantly if used on many meters because we have to use one instance of dpmeter3 for each track so be aware of that. This is nice to be used on some BUS tracks to have a better meter representation of the loudness of some groups of tracks. To reset the loudness calculation you can click on the IL number, or middle click to reset on all tracks.

* v2.0pre1 (2019-03-11)
  + RMS meters (using Track Inspector JSFX) Customizable RMS window
  + EBUR128 meters (using dpmeter3 v1.3.4) Click in IL number to reset IL in track. Middle click to reset IL in all displayed tracks on the mixer
  + EBUR128 Loudness Range display (using VST3 dpmeter3)
  # About page with changelog and links to VIP members and VIP donations.
  # Font size for db scale

Also worth mention, released HeDaMixer 1.0 final version for everybody, not only VIP members.

Thank you to all VIP members for the continuous support making the scripts possible


Track Inspector VIP v1.4pre64 (2019-02-28)

dpmeter3 update to 1.3.4 fixes a bug when updating parameters in VST2 version. So now you can use VST2 version. Since the parameters numbers in VST2 version change you have to check a setting in Track Inspector Settings page and restart Track Inspector in order to use the VST2 version parameters. If you install both VST2 and VST3 versions of dpmeter3, then REAPER will probably use VST3 version by default. But you can check in the hidden Track Inspector tracks which plugin is inserting. Since both VST2 and VST3 versions share the same plugin name "dpMeter3 (TBProAudio) (6ch)" you can rename the one that you don't want to use in REAPER FX Browser, so next time it will use the one that is named "dpMeter3 (TBProAudio) (6ch)"

* v1.4pre64 (2019-02-28)
  + Support for dpmeter3 v1.3.4+
  + Support for dpmeter3 VST2 version. (check "Use dpmeter3 VST2 version" in settings page. Restart Track Inspector required after changing this setting.)


Region Tracks VIP 2.0pre6

Option to enable/disable adding Track name prefix and Parent Track name prefix if there is a parent track. The option is changed for each Region Track by right clicking on the region track name button, and check "Use Track/Parent names as prefix"

It separates prefix with a space by default, which you can change in preferences with a _ or with an empty string or whatever is needed.

* v2.0pre6 (2019-02-13)
  + option to add Track name prefix and Parent Track name(if any) to region names.
  + added Prefix separator option in preferences (a space by default)

Track Templates VIP v1.1pre5 (2019-02-11)

Small update to Track Templates VIP. To change colours in the them you still have to manually edit the included theme file. Ideally I should add an interface to change it more easily. The theme file is replaced on updates, so make sure if you edit it, to have a backup to copy the changes again to the new them file.

the other option added in this update is to prevent brackets being added to the folder names. I didn't add an interface for this either, so you have to manually edit the variable in the settings file "TT_Settings_1.cfg" This file is safe in the Track Templates VIP settings folder, and it is not deleted when updating so it remembers your configuration after updating. 

* v1.1pre5 (2019-02-11)
  # crash dragging FX chain to empty area belowe tracks, now it adds FX chain to selected tracks.
  + Set "folder_brackets" to 0 to avoid adding brackets [ ] to the folder names.
  + added variables in theme. "over_color" sets the color for the mouse over buttons for templates and "over2_color" for FX chains.


I am working on HeDaMixer 2.0... stay tuned for some news! ;)


HeDaMixer VIP v1.0pre8

* v1.0pre8 (2018-08-14)
  + Big CPU optimization drawing only what is seen. Now we can have many tracks , as with the use MCP tracks option. Only visible ones in the window will be drawn.
  # fix: mouse over bottom text label with custom width tracks draws lines with correct width.
  + Option to use all tracks in MCP
  + Theming: new files support for displaying image at peak hold line and meter line (peakhold.png and meter.png)
  # fix: bad string displayed when volume -Inf.
  # fix: possible crash

This new update mainly has to new features. An option to use all the tracks displayed in the REAPER default mixer (MCP). This was requested in the forum. But then I realized that there was a bug and I should only draw the tracks that are shown in the window. Because scrolling to the right was causing more and more slowness as more tracks were calculated.  Now it is always fast.

And another feature is to have images shown at the level of the meter, and at the peak hold line. Create the files meter.png and peakhold.png in your HeDaMixer theme and it will find the images next start. You can now have a DAW with cookies

Track Inspector VIP v1.4pre51 (2018-04-25)

Added a button to toggle the display of archived tracks in TCP. It is useful to quickly see all archived tracks and be able to select them to unarchive. Then click on the button again to return to display tracks as it was before.
Also a command in Tags menu to delete all tags in the project. To start fresh if needed to import another set of tags, etc..

* v1.4pre51 (2018-04-25)
  + Toggle Show archived tracks button.
  # fix mute sends button overlapping with sends presets.
  + Tags menu: Remove all tags and tags presets in project.
* v1.4pre50 (2018-04-20)
  # fix: graphic glitch peaks lines over all panels sometimes when stopped.