About HeDaMixer

The idea was not to replace REAPER mixer, because displaying many tracks in HeDaMixer can cause more CPU usage than desired, since it is a script and not a native window. But it certainly can handle a number of tracks without issues. It can be helpful as a way to have another window that always shows some desired tracks. For example, VCA tracks, or some BUS tracks, or whatever is needed.

The main purpose/idea I had was to had was to have metering, faders, and buttons for solo, mute, fx and I/O. But more features can be added in the future.

By default, it displays the tracks that are selected. This can be also useful mode to use it as a simple Track Inspector but with HeDaMixer.

Right click anywhere to show the main menu.

Click on Lock to selected tracks. This will lock the current selected tracks in HeDaMixer until you unlock it again to add or remove more. This is useful to have some tracks always visible in the window, independently of your selected track as you work.

There is also integration with Track Inspector tags with special instances that always show tracks by tag.

Please go to the documentation page for more information.