Track Inspector


This app is designed to be docked to the left or right of the arrange area. It displays peak, RMS and EBUR128 meters and provides controls to adjust several parameters for the selected track.


  Track Inspector Track Inspector VIP
EBUR128 Loudness meter Yes Yes
RMS meter Yes Yes
Pre-Fader / Post FX / Post Fader Meters Yes Yes
Pre-FX fader Yes Yes
General Dynamics compression/expansion meter display Yes Yes
Freeze management and freeze information display Yes Yes
FX Chain, Parameters, Sends, Receives Yes Yes
FX Groups Yes Yes
Continuous add last touched parameters to TCP Yes Yes
Quick Send adding to designated tracks Yes Yes
Soft plugin bypass Yes Yes
Soft plugin comparing Yes Yes
Limit volume fader movement to certain range Yes Yes
Insert Markers when peaks above 0.0 dB Yes Yes
Automatically enlarge selected track Yes Yes
Track Marker Notes x Yes
Automation Panel x Yes
Track Delay x Yes
Track Versions x Yes
Pre-releases with new features x Yes



  1. Install only the VST3 version of dpMeter3. There is an option to work with VST2 version too but in general it works better with VST3 version.
  2. Install HeDaScripts Manager if you haven't already and use it to download and install Track Inspector or Track Inspector VIP
  3. If you want, add the toolbar icon for the installed action HeDa_Track Inspector.lua. The pack comes with a icon that is installed in your icons directory ready to be used for your toolbar.