HeDa Scripts for REAPER

REAPER is a great DAW with an extensive capability to be customized and extended with scripts. In this page I want to share some of the scripts I create and maintain. I hope you like them and support me with a VIP member donation(Paypal) if you consider it is interesting and helpful for your work. Additional paypal donations can also be sent directly. Thank you.

To start, you have to install HeDaScripts Manager and then use it inside REAPER to automatically install the rest of the scripts:

HeDaScripts Manager (preview)

I'm working in a script that you can call from REAPER, that will display all my scripts, with information of the latest version, changelogs, and buttons to install or upgrade them with two mouse clicks.

I cannot test it in OSX yet. This is a preview. I'll announce it when it is available for testing.

HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0beta3 and HeDa_Loudness Graph v2.0rc5

Hello Friends. Thanks for the donations for April scripts developments. It's been a lot of scripting. Here are two new updates that may be interesting with more fixes. This Track Inspector release changes a bit the way the send is updated to the hidden analysis track, hopefully in a more optimized way. Replace all files as usual.

HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0beta3 (2016-05-08)
  + Settings page. "≡" button
  + CTRL+Lmb to panels buttons to isolate panel visibilty (except meters panels). CTRL+Lmb again to show all panels.
  + Button to toggle Global Visibility of panels or Saved per track.
  + Automation: buttons for "Write current values for actively writing" actions
  + Mouse wheel to change Sends and receives (step option: mw_sends_step)
  + Mouse wheel to change pan fader (step option: mw_pan_step)
  + Mouse wheel to change parameters (step option: mw_param_step)
  # Double click in delay to reset delay to 0 (removing delay jsfx)
  # Option: display_linesonfader: display small lines each display_linesonfader_step dB on gain fader.
  # fix some buttons if no trak selected [postcount=309]
  # fix show envelopes button focus related issue [postcount=311]
  # fix: avoid make dirty project on create new tab project
  # Freeze panel info causing crash or slowness, option show_freeze_info = false to disable freeze info until better chunk reading.
  # optimizations when changing track

HeDa_Loudness Graph v2.0rc5 (2016-05-08)
  # improved precision of lock zoom to arrange
  # fix graph RMS under -60dB
  # fix: crash setting reference
  # fix: unbypass dpmeters when returning to EBU mode from Pan modes.

HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0beta2 and HeDa_Loudness Graph v2.0rc4

Track Inspector is quite usable now. Only bugs fixes and finish the settings UI for some settings if needed. It's been about three months of development and I'm quite happy with how it is. I see many new features wanted in the forum, that I may probably add next month. But for now let's release this v1.0 soon if there are no more new big bugs. There has been more donations and patrons with this app than Loudness Graph, so I may update Track Inspector more in the future. I know I was going to release Loudness Graph v2.0 long time ago, but it is good that I waited because it was needed to modify some things to be able to work together with Track Inspector. So I'll finally release both together.

To update: Extract and replace all files. Track Inspector JSFX has been updated too.

HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0beta2 (2016-04-27)
  + SHIFT+click send presets to send to channel 3+4 of preset's track destination
  + Meters: option to show Prefx meter by default (rightclick menu in meters panel)
  + Meters: option to hide/show RMS meters.
  + Meters: option to use ML instead SL for the EBUR128 filled rectangle.
  + fader_limit options to set limits by default on start.
  # fix: Do not steal focus
  # fix: disable plugins on Listening_Mode(no meters display)
  # fix: Show all markers when showing all track notes.
  # fix: Note checkmark didn't work showing all track notes.
  # click in empty meters area in listening mode to enable meters again.
  # Don't use audio_statistics and use only dpMeter and JSFX Track_Inspector


And update for HeDa Loudness Graph:

HeDa_Loudness Graph v2.0rc4 (2016-04-27)
  # IMPORTANT: dpMeter 1.4.3 compatibility
  + option to bypass_EBUR128_when_RMS to save CPU in RMS modes (bypass_EBUR128_when_RMS)
  # compatibility fixes to work with HeDa_Track Inspector
  # information to configure dpMeter if needed displayed in script console instead of messagebox window.
  # fix: Do not steal focus


HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0beta1

A lot of changes in this new release. Getting closer to what the final version will be.
Read carefully the changelog. A lot of new things to test.

To update, extract and replace all the files inside the zip to your resources folder or portable reaper folder as always. 

It is a beta1 because it is in a more advanced state than any of the pre-release versions. But keep in mind it is still a pre-release. No major new features expected. One could try to work in real life projects with it now.

Thanks for your feedback and support!

v1.0beta1 (2016-04-21)
  # IMPORTANT: dpMeter 1.4.3 required
  # several bug fixes: Allow undo, docking, run master instance at the same time
  # compatibility fixes to work with HeDa Loudness Graph
  + Fader: PreFX Fader to offset Prefx Volume envelope
  + TCP-FX Parameters panel
  + General panel: Record Arm, Monitoring, Input-FX, Invert Polarity, Timing, Lock track, Mute, Solo buttons.
  + Pan: Stereo Pan and Dual Pan support, and button to change Track's Pan Mode
  + Pan: Pan Law button  
  + Automation: Menu in Right click automation panel button
  + Automation: buttons for Envelopes dialog and toggle envelopes for track buttons
  # Automation: fix: Touch mode
  # Automation: switch modes with icon buttons
  + General Dynamics meter: hold max dB number for x seconds (x=gendyn_max_seconds)
  # General Dynamics meter: fix: don't display if General Dynamics is bypassed
  + Notes: Check mark, to set notes done/undone
  # Notes: Better sorting method allowing notes in same place.
  # Notes: More compact notes panel if number of notes < notes per page
  # Meters: Don't display meters if meters area height < 100 pixels
  + Meters: LUFS and LU scales: EBU+9, EBU+18  
  + Meters: graphical Loudness Range rectangle
  + Meters: graphical True Peak Maximum line
  + Meters: Peak Hold display
  + Meters: Waveform display. CTRL-Drag left and right to change waveform scale.
  + Meters: option to insert clip indicator marker when peak over +0.0dB
  # Tooltips: fix: don't interfere with tooltips ouside Track Inspector window.
  # Fix: Allow track change with display FXChain on track selection change [postcount=199]
  + UI: new and improved UI tweaks
  + UI: display_* global variables to completely hide specific panels

HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0pre7 update

Tooltips and updates to the notes panel.

v1.0pre7 (2016-04-06)
  + Tooltips: Enable/Disable tooltips if REAPER >= 5.18
  + Notes: Track Notes menu, show all tracks notes, show times, set notes per page
  + Notes: Notes pagination, with buttons or mouse wheel
  + Notes: Sort by time or by id
  + Notes: tooltip with note name if it doesn't fit in window. only REAPER >=5.18
  + Notes: Click to go to note when showing all tracks notes
  + Notes: RIGHT click on note to go and edit note text

HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0pre6

v1.0pre6 (2016-04-04)
  + SHIFT click sends/receives to toggle mute
  + UI: Configurable font sizes in global options
  + FXchain panel button right click menu
  # fix: 5.17+ window position and dock system
  # fix: sends colors for tracks without color
  # fix: avoid duplicated track notes numbering
  # fix: allow moving track notes markers
  # fix: hide meters panel
  # UI: more compact spacing minimized panels
  # fix: better detection of general dynamics Track Inspector
  # information to configure dpMeter if needed displayed in script console instead of messagebox window.

HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0pre5 update

Hello friends

I didn't manage to finish Track Inspector in march. I might be more busy in April, but I hope to finish the script during next month.
Thank you everybody for the support, feedback, ideas and your nice e-mails and donations. You really all are contributing to make this app better. :-)

Here is an update with the following changes:


HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0pre5 (2016-03-31)
  + Sends presets buttons (Left-click to create send from preset,
    CTRL+click to save current track as preset,
    Right-click to go to preset track,
    ALT+click to remove preset)
  + Select multiple sends/receives to adjust gain (CTRL click to select multiple)
  + ALT+click on sends/receives to remove them
  + Double click on sends/receives to reset to +0.0 db
  + colored sends option
  + colored fx groups option
  + show/hide buttons for wet knobs, and fx groups.
  # fix: refresh FX groups when deleting FX
  # fix: last touched track when adding fx


I also forgot to mention here that there is a small update but very important, for Loudness Graph that allows to use it at the same time with Track Inspector

HeDa_Loudness Graph v2.0rc3 (2016-03-29)
  # + - buttons to change meter width adds/removes one entire meter.
  # fix: allow other dpMeter instances. Also to use Track Inspector at the same time.
  # fix: could not select last mater if master track was not analyzed
  # some small fixes


HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0pre4

update, new features and fixes:

Track FX Groups is a number group that you can assign to each FX. Clicking in the number groups below the FX list floats all FX from the group, SHIFT-click toggles bypass to all FX in the group. If ALL button is activated. it will work on all tracks, not just the selected track.

Automatic assignment of groups using the FX name can be enabled or disabled. To specify the names, you must edit the global options file for now because the UI for that is not done. It is included with some example groups. You can add as many groups as needed.

v1.0pre4 (2016-03-21)
  + Track FX groups (toggle bypass group, toggle float group)
  + Auto FX group assignment based in FX name options
  + Hide effects or instruments prefixes option.
  + Track Automation panel (preliminar design)
  # wet/dry knob opacity when wet=0
  # fix: delete selected track crash
  # fix: delete FX with ALT+click crash
  # fix: do not create duplicated aux tracks
  # fix: faders can be used to write automation too. (thanks @mpl)
  # fix: autocreate aux tracks again if not found when opening new/old projects.

HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0pre3

another update.. it's getting better. Or it should.
Please if you are mac user, I would like to see a screenshot to make sure it is looking good. Thanks!
to update, overwrite all files from the zip to your resources folder.

v1.0pre3 (2016-03-19)
  + Post-Fader/Pre-Fader option for meters
  + Pan label number display %L %R CENTER
  + some theming options (background color, text1 and text2 color)
  + button to change RMS Window size
  # don't show parameters panel for now until implemented
  # fix: disable master analysis fx when not displaying master
  # desaturated a bit RMS meters
  # improved EBUR128 number readings display
  # improved grid display if meter zone height is smaller

HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0pre2

update with some fixes

to update, just extract and replace all the files needed.

v1.0pre2 (2016-03-18)

+ options for speed mouse on knobs, sends
+ option for absolute sends drag mode
# delete marker notes on exit
# delete hidden analysis tracks on exit
# middle click and CTRL left click on Loudness meter to set IL instead of simple click
# disable prefx if it is a frozen track
# if no selected track, maintain last displayed track instead of nothing
# if no selected track before running, display master track.
# automatically sets general preference undo on track selection
# general dynamics moved to correct folder "dynamics" inside the zip
# fix: script path for png icons
# fix: font size for OSX