HeDa Scripts for REAPER

REAPER is a great DAW with an extensive capability to be customized and extended with scripts. In this page I want to share some of the scripts I create and maintain. I hope you like them and support me with a VIP member donation(Paypal) if you consider it is interesting and helpful for your work. Additional paypal donations can also be sent directly. Thank you.

To start, you have to install HeDaScripts Manager and then use it inside REAPER to automatically install the rest of the scripts:

Track Inspector v1.3pre16 (2017-03-10)

* v1.3pre16 (2017-03-10)
  # fix: Switching versions volume increase when playing [p=1813473] @amagalma
  # fix: Clear FX chain in aux tracks before adding dpmeter and track inspector plugins. [p=1814464] @amagalma
  # cleaned some unnecessary undos [p=1814942] @amagalma
  # changed default to use_new_reset_functions

* v1.3pre15 (2017-03-06)
  # fix: Show all track versions bugs [p=1813385] @amagalma

Track Inspector VIP v1.3pre14 (2017-03-05)

* v1.3pre14 (2017-03-05)
  + Help button to open online documentation page.
  + Buttons for panel menus.
  # fix turning on/off analysis meter plugins(bug introduced in pre6).
  # fix limits when dragging meter area size.
  # reset panels vertical scroll on track change.
  # small fix background color in bottom area.

Track Inspector VIP v1.3pre13 (2017-03-04)

* v1.3pre13 (2017-03-04)
+ Meters: Show Peaks option
+ Meters: Show SL Accumulation
# Meters: improved peak clip indicators (click the number to reset it)
+ meter_master.png for different meter image on master track if wanted.
+ waveform color setting.
# waveform scalemax always 1.0 for master track.
# fix: update track when pasting tracks.
# fix: spacing in collapsed freeze and receives panels.

Adding some more stuff to the meters, always optional, you can disable it in the meters panel menu.
Show Peaks: shows two smaller meters for the peaks like normal meters in REAPER next to the RMS meters.
Show SL Accumulation: Displays a histogram of SL values over the loudness meter. Maybe I think it should be renamed to SL histogram.
Meters now look like this:

also the master track inspector can have a different png (meter_master.png) in the theme, to differentiate the master track a bit better if wanted.

and some small bug fixes.

Track Inspector VIP v1.3pre9 (2017-02-27)

* v1.3pre9 (2017-02-27)
  # fix: muted receives in "text 2 color"
  # fix: SHIFT+click to toggle receive works for multiple selected receives.
  + SHIFT+Right click to solo receive.
  + Solo buttons on receives, option to hide them.
  # fix: reorder FX while dragging setting [p=1808854] InfraBass
  # fix: REAPER theme name crash [p=1808854] InfraBass
  # replaced links to posts of bug reports by proper ones [p=xxxxxx] in the changelog, also added nickname of user reporting the bug.

* v1.3pre8 (2017-02-25)
  + Track Inputs option in general panel. (audio mono and stereo inputs, and limited MIDI to all MIDI inputs for now)
  + new instance action dedicated to Float the inspector close to where the mouse cursor is. [p=1806616] Chimera123
  # fix: crash when removing receives
  # fix: better handling bypassing plugins on monitorfx chain with Loudness Graph 2.1
  # fix: tooltips panels

* v1.3pre7 (2017-02-21)
  # fix: some unnecessary undos in pre6

some bug fixes and update for receives panel with buttons to solo one of the receives.

Track Inputs are visible now in the general panel if you enable them in the menu (right click on the little triangle, there is no text for this panel button, just the triangle)


Track Inspector VIP v1.3pre6

* v1.3pre6 (2017-02-21)
+ master track inspector: Option to use monitor FX. Use premaster option is still there but it is better to use Monitor FX
# fix: avoid creating wrong hardware output in premaster track

here is another update. It adds a new option to use MonitorFX chain when monitoring the master track. I think it is better than the alternative use premaster track method. Although it is still there, it is recommended that you disable use_premaster and enable use_monitorfx in settings.

To use the monitorFX chain you must also first load the included FXChain in the monitorFX. Open the monitor FX chain and FX Add FX Chain... "FXChains/Track Inspector Monitor FX.RfxChain"
It adds the two effects needed for the meters in Track Inspector.
Configure the input routings for them once and they will be there for all projects since it is part of the monitor FX chain. This depends on how you setup your Control Room. In general you have to route your main stereo outputs to the Track Inspector JSFX, and to dpemeter2.
Now open Track Inspector and go to settings and make sure to enable use_monitorfx in settings.
Now when you switch to Master track, or you use the dedicated Master Track Inspector instance, it will use the monitor FX chain to get the meters data and it won't add any FX to master track, or to premaster track.

Track Inspector VIP v1.3pre5

* v1.3pre5 (2017-02-19)
  + Option in settings to Render Stems to new track versions with POST-FADER rendering or PRE-FADER as before by default.
  # fix: group flags, track color and track icon are copied to new stems rendered track version
  # fix: check track version exists before deleting track version when it is in a track group

some small updates
The new rendered stems now has the same track color, track icon, and track grouping parameters. I use track groupings mostly for VCA master/slaves. so the new rendered track maintains the same VCA slave configuration. This was bothering me so now it is fixed.
Also I've added a new option in settings to define if we want the stems to be rendered as post-fader and reset the fader and pan in the new rendered track.

Track Inspector v1.3pre1

Track Inspector v1.3

* v1.3pre4 (2017-02-17)
  + Freeze: option to Archive/Unarchive children of frozen tracks.
  + New way to create Track Version (Rendering Track stems) It uses mono, stereo, or multchannel as defined in Freeze panel, or auto.
  # font fix freeze details
  # fix: Set Automation mode working for all selected tracks.
  # fix: Bypass send(SHIFT+click) works on all selected sends [&postcount=629]
  # fix: tooltip GV button [&postcount=629]

* v1.3pre3 (2017-02-15)
  # fix: recently broken prefx meter
  # rms peak hold smaller font

* v1.3pre2 (2017-02-15)
  # more font and spacing adjustments (fader load button, bottom part, MLMAX SLMAX TPMAX LRANGE.

* v1.3pre1 (2017-02-14)
+ Sends: Right click on send bar to Toggle send's volume envelope visibility
+ Sends: ~ button to Toggle send's volume envelope visibility
+ Theming: Track Inspector themes. Change colors and appearance from settings page. Save/Load themes. optionally auto match theme from REAPER theme.
# fix: several font sizes, better font increase looking
# Settings: Settings file "TI_Settings.cfg" is now located in dedicated settings folder. This way you can update without losing your own settings. New settings, if any, automatically added from defaults.
# fix: TI_Settings file saved correctly for new instances id > 2
+ Meters: Option to color meter by track or by loudness ranges defined by Ref level and overs level.
+ Meters: Option to use image file for the meter colors
+ UI: Show/Hide version group button.
# UI: Timebase button now with menu to select the timebase and works for all selected tracks.
# UI: Hide the Lock track button by default, option in menu to show it.
# Change Pan Law works for all selected tracks now.
# Change Pan Mode works for all selected tracks now.
# Performance: read track icon with included API function if using REAPER 5.15+ (faster)
# Listening mode remembers mode when switching.
# fix mouse wheel over meters area could affect controls below meter if meter panel is in fixed height mode.
# fix Envelopes button: make sure only one track selected.
# fix Toggle Env button: support for all selected tracks.
# Improved meter's grid drawing
# fix: hide versions and general panel for master track.
# UI: redesign a bit the general panel.
# Save/Load/Removesaved track gain works for multiple selected tracks.
# CTRL+click fader load button to save value.
# Alt+click fader load button to remove saved value.
# UI: line indication of saved fader value on the fader scale.
# fix: crash if loading fader value without having saved first.
# fix: remember track lock state [&postcount=601]
# fix: use points or commas in Change by dB textbox [&postcount=599]
# many more small bug fixes that I forget to put here

Settings page has been improved and all the settings are now stored in another folder "Track Inspector VIP settings" so, the next time you update, you don't lose your settings. Only new settings will be added.
In this new folder, you can also copy the FXGroups.cfg file, and customize the table of auto group names.And you can also store here your custom TI themes. If you create a subfolder with the same name as the TI theme, you can put there the png image files that override default theme images. Look in the Default themes for an example of Track Inspector themes.
The best way to create a new theme is to change all the settings of the second column(the ones that are relative to themes) and then click on save theme to file. And then you can customize the image files if you want too. Copy the originals from the Default_5.0 theme located in Default themes inside Track Inspector VIP folder.


Updates + HeDaScripts Manager + Time Manager preview

Hello friends. It's been a while since the last post... I've been busy, and I am bringing some news and updates for you. Please notice that the zip files contain a new directory structure. Check that you unzip them to the REAPER resources folder, and maintain the sub directories as they are in the zip.

Two important updates for Track Inspector and Loudness Graph. Important because they work with dpMeterII. Previous versions of the scripts were designed to work with dpMeter I, and new users were trying to use them with the new dpMeterII that is the default download from TBProAudio now. So this updates fix these problems. It is also nice that TBProAudio included some built-in presets in dpMeterII so there is no need to configure the preset manually for the scripts, making them easier to install. Thanks again TBProAudio !

Track Inspector v1.0beta4 (2016-06-27)
  + dpMeterII 1.1.8 or later needed.
  # fix: Freeze details info now supports big chunks. It shouldn't cause hang or slowdown as before.
  # fix: freeze details info now updated when freeze/unfreeze command run outside script.
  # fix: Toggle envelope if not track selected [postcount=324]
  # fix: Select track when right click send to go to that track
  # fix: overlapping pagination buttons in notes panel
  # fix: master track can be used to store track notes too. not depending in mastertrack GUID now
     which was changing each time project load (maybe a bug)
  + Right click Record button to show Track's recording settings


Loudness Graph v2.0rc7 (2016-06-26)
  # automatic update tracks with old dpMeter version to dpMeterII
  # fix: remember vertical zoom (minimum loudness value)
  # fix: panning in graph without lock to arrange starts to zoom while panning.
  * v2.0rc6 (2016-06-21)
  + dpMeterII 1.1.8 or later compatibility
  # use of dpMeterII internal preset. No more manual "Loudness" preset creation needed.
  # playcursor_set_mode: set to 0 to set play cursor at the exact time where clicked on graph
  # fix: manual reset all button when bypass_EBUR128_when_RMS was broken
  # fix: middle mouse drag at beginning of project to pan and with lock to arrange on
  # various small fixes


A small update for Notes Reader with better UI and remembering undocked window position. It has been translated into Lua so it only works in REAPER 5 or above. And it doesn't read from multiple tracks yet so maybe you do not want to uninstall previous Notes Reader version just yet.

Notes Reader v0.98 (2016-06-14)
    + Translated to Lua language.
    + Right click anywhere to show menu
    + Integrated Fill gaps with empty items in this menu, not as separated action.
    + Remember undocked window position/size



And now, let me present you

HeDaScripts Manager

HeDaScripts Manager is beta1 and ready for testing. It is the best way to install and update my scripts now. It will include patreon-only scripts soon too. Which I will call VIP scripts. For now, please test this beta1 version  Track Inspector and Loudness Graph updates will come to the manager soon if the Manager works well.


So how does the Manager work? It is basically another Lua script. Install it manually to the REAPER resources folder. The zip has the folders structure inside it, so if you extract it to the resources folder or to your portable REAPER installation folder, it will create the needed directories inside Scripts/HeDaScripts/HeDaScriupts Manager

You may want to read more details in the included Installation instructions.txt file. Once you have copied the files, you can add the script to REAPER actions list with the load button as any other script and run it. This is the last script you will have to install manually. From now on you can use the manager to install/update scripts with one click of a button. It needs REAPER to be connected to the Internet to download the scripts.


You will be presented with the list of scripts and buttons to install them and update them. So no more manual installations, just one click and you are ready to use the script. The Manager downloads the script, and extracts to the resources folder. and Adds the required action or actions to your actions list. You can now run them from your action list, make a toolbar button for it (the scripts now come with toolbar icons too), or run it from the Manager. It uses curl library to download the files and 7za.exe, the command line version of 7zip(Windows) or unar(OSX) to extract the files of the 7z file into the REAPER resources folder. All are trusted open source programs. You can download them with the links included in the installation txt file.

Here is an example GIF of how to Install Notes Reader for example

Download (2 options):



Finally, A teaser of a new script in the making: Time Manager

It is a timer with multiple user, and multiple tasks per project. Data is stored in the projects automatically and it can also support multiple projects opened. It automatically pauses if you are not doing anything in REAPER by monitoring REAPER activity. It can also work when working in external editors by activating the mouse feature. Then it only pauses if you don't move the mouse. Let me know if you find it interesting.


That's all for now

Thank you as always for your support! And let me know if the HeDaScripts Manager works well. It will allow me to update the scripts more often and easily.


HeDaScripts Manager v1.0pre4

The manager to install and update the scripts is almost complete ready for testing soon. This is how it looks for now. The screenshot is from pre2 version but it is already pre4 and looks the same.

I'll be using this system from now on, instead of the complicated process of e-mail lists with attachments and patreon pages with zip downloads...

This will be much easier for you to use.. just one click of a button and you have the script installed or updated in REAPER and ready to go..

It will be much easier for me also to push the updates to the system. So expect more frequent updates published.