HeDa Scripts for REAPER

REAPER is a great DAW with an extensive capability to be customized and extended with scripts. In this page I want to share some of the scripts I create. I hope you like them. You can support me with a paypal donation Thank you.

To start, you have to install HeDaScripts Manager and then use it inside REAPER to automatically install the rest of the scripts:

working on Regions & Markers from Items v2...

I'm working on Regions & Markers from Items v2

And it is going to be much better. It is compatible with Region Render Matrix, and all regions are associated with the item in a much better way. It's a complete rewrite of the script, more optimized and better.

I hope to make a pre-release available for VIP members soon. It works with regions for now:

MIDI Dynamics v1.0 (2017-11-02)

HeDa MIDI Dynamics

Inspired by JS: General Dynamics, this is my first MIDI script... I think. Because I had to update HeDaScripts Manager to support installing the action in the MIDI editor section ID.

It's easy to use. It's like a Compressor/Expander for MIDI velocities. It modifies selected notes velocities from input(x axis) to output(y axis) values defined in the graph

  • Select notes and run the script from the MIDI Editor. Used velocities are highlighted in the graph with a different color.
  • Draw the new "curve" by mouse click and drag. Velocities are modified when releasing the mouse button. Keep drawing segments until you are satisfied. Original input values are remembered until you close the script or you click the "Get MIDI notes again" button
  • Done. Close the script window

Pre release available for VIP members. Install from HeDaScripts Manager as usual

Track Inspector VIP v1.4pre24 (2017-10-12)

* v1.4pre24 (2017-10-12)
  + Add Custom Button at the end of each panel, from panel menu
  + Custom panel, for adding custom buttons
  # fix: unisolate panel affecting color panel
  # fix: fix position parameters panel if collapsed fx chain panel
  # fix: double track id on tracks without icons

* v1.4pre23 (2017-10-04)
  # fix: recently broken actions to load tags presets from 1 to 9

* v1.4pre22 (2017-10-01)
  # fix: Loading Tags presets scroll into view fix.
  # fix: crash when changing tag presets in case tracks included in preset to scroll into view were deleted
  # Tags: internal rewrite, several optimizations
  # fix: Changing projects better detection

Track Inspector VIP v1.4pre21 (2017-09-28)

* v1.4pre21 (2017-09-28)
  + Export Tags to a file. (exports the names of current tags in the project to a file for later import in another project)
  + Import Tags from a file (merges tags from file with current tags in the project)
  + LT Env. Button to show only the envelope of the last touched parameter [t=196436]
  # fix: unsolo tracks for archived not active versions [p=1891410]@Gianfini

* v1.4pre20 (2017-09-23)
  + Use any instances at the same time. Share project data between instances (master, floating, floating 2, etc)
  + Be able to Tag selected tracks from master track instance (even if master instance is locked to master)
  + Archive/Unarchive Tracks buttons in general panel (archiving a track meaning: mute track/puts all effects offline/sets archived suffix)
  + Setting: Do not unhide archived tracks when unhiding tag TCP and MCP.
  + Setting: Archived tracks suffix
  + Setting: use Premaster track setting makes Premaster track the one to use in FX chain panel even if using monitor FX Chain for meters.
  + Tags: Do not unhide not active Track Versions (not active versions are now renamed with a suffix) "*** not active version ***" Suffix customizable in settings.
  + Tags: settings in tags panel menu, to toggle display of buttons TCP, MCP, Solo, Mute...
  + Tags: settings in tags panel menu, to toggle smaller buttons for TCP and MCP (icons option may come later)
  # fix: go to track note on master track instance, some other bug fixes in track notes for the master track instance.
  # fix: changing track notes minimum ID number was causing a crash
  # fix: master track instance: update when opening another project
  # fix: refresh graphic buffer glitch when undo (broken recently I think)
  # fix: performance: don't create or modify aux TI sends if meters panel is hidden
  # fix: position of meters panel button when collapsing down meters panel
  # fix: tag extra width when entering tag

Track Inspector VIP v1.4pre19 (2017-08-25)

Some updates.. never ends...

* v1.4pre19 (2017-08-25)
  # fix: crash sometimes when toggling TCP or MCP tag visibility in some tags
  # show a message about Monitor FX chain plugins missing and instructions to setup if needed.
  # fix: case insensitive action triggers (some actions changed in 5.50rc)
  # fix: auto reset EBUR128 on play/seek also resets histograms

* v1.4pre18 (2017-08-12)
  # fix: error creating new version without track notes. bug introduced in pre16 [p=1875055]@neilerua

* v1.4pre17 (2017-08-09)
  # fix: clicking "METERS ▲" panel button also moves down the panel to the bottom to leave more room for the other panels.

* v1.4pre16 (2017-08-08)
  # fix: don't change track selection to single track when starting if multiple tracks were selected
  # fix: copy track notes when duplicating to new track version [p=1870343]@G-Sun
  # fix: project tags not updated correctly. Optimizations. Check for deleted tracks.

* v1.4pre15 (2017-07-19)
  # fix: removing tags refresh the list of all tags in the project (broken recently)
  # fix: auto toggle envelopes for selected track without auto enlarge selected track was causing issues.
  # fix: redraw in good buffer after unselecting tracks.

Track Inspector VIP v1.4pre14 (2017-07-12)

* v1.4pre14 (2017-07-12)
  + Track Tags: Use selected tracks when saving a preset as tracks to scroll into view when loading presets
  # fix: maintain scroll position exactly relative to last panel visible

* v1.4pre13 (2017-07-07)
  # fix: Hide TI Tracks on changing project.
  # fix: check to select current track before toggle envelope [p=1862627]@bFooz

* v1.4pre12 (2017-07-06)
  # fix: revert update all instances when working with tags because tag buttons were not working on other instances
  # fix: internal optimization not sorting tags by name continuously, just when needed.
* v1.4pre11 (2017-07-06)
  # fix: update all instances when working with tags
  # fix: don't delete TI tracks when closing floating instance if main instance is running.
  # fix: display tags panel if it is in master track, also for TI Master instance
  # Hide TI tracks when updating track [p=1862137]@bFooz
* v1.4pre10 (2017-07-05)
  + Track Tags: Right click TCP MCP buttons to change each tag logic for visibility.
  + Freeze: added button to select tracks (more intuitive than right click the other button) Also displays how many tracks are selected.
  # fix: Select tracks to freeze with audio takes.
  # fix: top bar scroll [p=1862085]@bFooz
  # fix: Prevent refresh when all versions are being collapsed [p=1862088]@bFooz
  # fix: restore track selection after freezing [p=1862088]@bFooz
  # fix: crash Ctrl + Click to a tag which has no selected tracks [p=1862104]@mehmethan
  + Settings: Reset all settings to main instance button. [p=1862085]@bFooz

some of the latest changes in Track Inspector. Many bug fixes reported on the forum thread.

Now when tags presets are saved, it saves the selected tracks and will use these tracks to scroll into view when loading that preset.

Track Inspector VIP v1.4pre9 (2017-07-04)

* v1.4pre9 (2017-07-04)
  + Track Tags: Toggle Solo in place by tags (except muted tracks)
  + Track Tags: Toggle Mute by tags (except already muted tracks)
  # Track Tags: Copy tags automatically when creating new Track Version
  # fix: crash renaming tag if there are no presets stored
  # fix: Additional instances (Master, Floating, etc) now use the same internal project data (used for notes, tags, etc etc) while maintaining different configurations.
  # Setting: customizable number of tags presets
  # Track Tags: avoid duplicated tags. @G-Sun
  # fix: tags panel arrow not rotating. @bFooz
  # Added second Floating instance
  + Setting: Tooltip delay

New tags function to solo and mute tracks by tags. It does respect your already muted tracks.

Now if a track has multiple tags, all of them must be set to visible in order to make the track visible. I'm thinking what will be the best way to make OR combinations for tags. So for example if only one of the tags is found to be set visible then show the track.

The floating instance won't generate additional sends now and it is possible to change tracks and work with the docked instance and the floating instance at the same time. Still each instance has its own configuration so you can hide or show panels individually for each instance. So I added a second floating instance by default that I will use for example to hide all panels from the settings except the tags one. Now all tags, notes, and any other project data are stored in the main instance always. So you can access the information from the floating instances too.

Track Inspector VIP v1.4pre8 (2017-06-30)

* v1.4pre8 (2017-06-30)
  + Track Tags: TCP MCP Visibility Presets (CTRL+Click to save preset. ALT+Click to delete preset)
  + Track Tags: 9 actions to load presets via action shortcuts
  + Track Tags: Tags panel menu
  # Track Tags: copy and paste moved to panel menu
  # Track Tags: CTRL+Click to solo visibility. TCP MCP buttons become green indicating it is soloed. Do it again to unsolo.
  # Track Tags: option: MCP visibility follows TCP visibility
  # Track Tags: tags are automatically copied when duplicating tracks
  # Track Tags: sort list of project tags by name
  # Track Tags: SHIFT+click tag to rename tag
  # Track Tags: align TCP MCP buttons columns
  # Track Tags: internal optimizations in list of tags
  # Track Tags: some bug fixes, tags lost when switching tabs, and smaller bugs

Tags Visibility Preset system is working now. It adds 9 presets buttons to save(CTRL+click) or load(Click) combinations of TCP and MCP visibility for quick recall.

Even more. This update adds 9 new actions in your actions window to load each preset. So you can customize your keyboard shortcuts to quickly load a preset without having to go to track inspector panel.

Tags are now ordered by name. And you can rename them (SHIFT+click) Tip: You can for example put an * prefix to a tag and it will show first before any other tags.

You can solo the visibility of a tag by CTRL+click on the tag in the list of all tags. the button becomes green indicating that it is soled. CTRL+click again on it to restore visibility.

There was a big bug in tags not being saved correctly when switching project tabs. It works now. There have been some other internal changes from previous prerelease, so test this all you can.

Track Inspector VIP v1.4pre7 (2017-06-26)

* v1.4pre7 (2017-06-26)
  + Tracks Tags: Add tags to tracks, for example MIDI, VCA, AUDIO, VOCALS, GROUP 1, etc...  whatever you want. You can add multiple tags to each track.
  + Tracks Tags module: Show or hide in TCP or MCP by tags. / Select Tracks by tags.
  # fix: maintain panels scroll position(to latest fully visible) when selecting another track.

This update adds a new panel for adding TAGS to tracks. In REAPER all tracks are the same. This is an advantage but it would also be nice to categorize tracks for several purposes.

Now you can add a tag to each track, or multiple tags. First select the track or multiple tracks you want to categorize and click +Tag button to add the tag. You will see a list of tags in green which are the tags assigned to the selected track. To remove a tag, ALT +click on it.

Below you see a list of all tags used in the project. Click on this list tag name to select all tracks with this tag. Or CTRL click to add that tag to selected tracks without having to type the name of the tag. ALT click to remove this tag from all tracks. There are two buttons TCP and MCP. This toggles the visibility of the tracks with this tag on the TCP or MCP.

More functionalities by tags can be added and some presets and custom actions to toggle TCP and MCP visibility directly with a shortcut will be added.