Track Inspector v1.3pre1

Track Inspector v1.3

* v1.3pre4 (2017-02-17)
  + Freeze: option to Archive/Unarchive children of frozen tracks.
  + New way to create Track Version (Rendering Track stems) It uses mono, stereo, or multchannel as defined in Freeze panel, or auto.
  # font fix freeze details
  # fix: Set Automation mode working for all selected tracks.
  # fix: Bypass send(SHIFT+click) works on all selected sends [&postcount=629]
  # fix: tooltip GV button [&postcount=629]

* v1.3pre3 (2017-02-15)
  # fix: recently broken prefx meter
  # rms peak hold smaller font

* v1.3pre2 (2017-02-15)
  # more font and spacing adjustments (fader load button, bottom part, MLMAX SLMAX TPMAX LRANGE.

* v1.3pre1 (2017-02-14)
+ Sends: Right click on send bar to Toggle send's volume envelope visibility
+ Sends: ~ button to Toggle send's volume envelope visibility
+ Theming: Track Inspector themes. Change colors and appearance from settings page. Save/Load themes. optionally auto match theme from REAPER theme.
# fix: several font sizes, better font increase looking
# Settings: Settings file "TI_Settings.cfg" is now located in dedicated settings folder. This way you can update without losing your own settings. New settings, if any, automatically added from defaults.
# fix: TI_Settings file saved correctly for new instances id > 2
+ Meters: Option to color meter by track or by loudness ranges defined by Ref level and overs level.
+ Meters: Option to use image file for the meter colors
+ UI: Show/Hide version group button.
# UI: Timebase button now with menu to select the timebase and works for all selected tracks.
# UI: Hide the Lock track button by default, option in menu to show it.
# Change Pan Law works for all selected tracks now.
# Change Pan Mode works for all selected tracks now.
# Performance: read track icon with included API function if using REAPER 5.15+ (faster)
# Listening mode remembers mode when switching.
# fix mouse wheel over meters area could affect controls below meter if meter panel is in fixed height mode.
# fix Envelopes button: make sure only one track selected.
# fix Toggle Env button: support for all selected tracks.
# Improved meter's grid drawing
# fix: hide versions and general panel for master track.
# UI: redesign a bit the general panel.
# Save/Load/Removesaved track gain works for multiple selected tracks.
# CTRL+click fader load button to save value.
# Alt+click fader load button to remove saved value.
# UI: line indication of saved fader value on the fader scale.
# fix: crash if loading fader value without having saved first.
# fix: remember track lock state [&postcount=601]
# fix: use points or commas in Change by dB textbox [&postcount=599]
# many more small bug fixes that I forget to put here

Settings page has been improved and all the settings are now stored in another folder "Track Inspector VIP settings" so, the next time you update, you don't lose your settings. Only new settings will be added.
In this new folder, you can also copy the FXGroups.cfg file, and customize the table of auto group names.And you can also store here your custom TI themes. If you create a subfolder with the same name as the TI theme, you can put there the png image files that override default theme images. Look in the Default themes for an example of Track Inspector themes.
The best way to create a new theme is to change all the settings of the second column(the ones that are relative to themes) and then click on save theme to file. And then you can customize the image files if you want too. Copy the originals from the Default_5.0 theme located in Default themes inside Track Inspector VIP folder.