HeDa_Track Inspector

HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0 has been in development for a while. Now I can show you a bit how it looks. This app is designed to be docked to the left of the TCP area. It displays and provides controls to manipulate information about the selected track.

Features include:

  • Track Markers Notes
  • Freeze management and freeze information display
  • FX Chain, Parameters, Sends, Receives
  • Track Delay
  • Volume and Pan faders
  • EBUR128 Loudness meter
  • RMS meter
  • Pan RMS Loudness meter
  • General Dynamics compression/expansion meter display

and some planned features:

  • FX Groups
  • Rec arm, inputs...
  • Solo mute buttons
  • Peaks meter
  • ...

This is still in development. You can support the development of this with your donations or patreon subscriptions.
A pre-release should be available soon. I hope you find it interesting, useful. Any suggestions, ideas? Thanks!

Here is a small gif. I hope to show you better in a video soon.