HeDa_Loudness Graph v2.0rc1

This release includes a number of new features described in the changelog in pre6. Documentation needs to be updated with the new features but you can experiment with it and discover them easily. Now to release the final version, I'll wait a bit to see if new small bugs appear and update the documentation and maybe a video tutorial if I have time. Thank you for your support in patreon and the donations in paypal ! I'm glad you support this work.

When updating from previous version you need to overwrite all files, including the global options.lua file because it has new options inside needed. If you have customized them, you can create a copy of your options first and compare them with the new options file.


v2.0rc1 (2016-03-01)
  + Zoom panning meters option
  # Copy to Reference also for panning graphs [suggested by X-Raym]
  # fix: small glitches in panning graphs [detected by X-Raym]
  # fix: detect new projects without tracks or no template [detected by X-Raym]
v2.0pre6 (2016-02-29)
  + Panning Loudness meters. Optional meters indicating Panning+Loudness.
  + Limit number of tracks displayed. (up/down arrow keys when script is in focus)
  + Scroll Tracks (Left Right arrow keys, or mousewheel over track icons for page scroll)
  + Copy to Reference to clone track graph to reference line. Right click "Clear All" to clear reference line.
  + fps display indicating you should display less tracks, or you zoomed out a lot, or you should
    use lines only mode without antialiasing if using filled mode or buy a new CPU.
  + Global option: Selected tracks always filled in graph
  # fix: detect if SWS is not installed and warn the user instead of doing nothing.
  # Selected tracks background in meters tinted with track's color.
  # Select track in Meters: scrolls into view also in MCP
  # Try to maintain width of graph area when adding or removing tracks.
  # Can remove tracks from arrange too without creating fatal error.
  # Click on single selected meter deselects it.
  # REAPER 5.16 required to display more than 32 track's icons
  # Master graph line always on top of other lines
  # Don't add master track plugins at initialization if not needed.
  # fix: sometimes some track icons not showing.