HeDa_Loudness Graph 2.0rc2


You should remove all previous files and extract the new files in the zip. Because some files have changed the name. It is ready to be released to the REAPER community soon. As always, tell me if you have any problems with it so I can help you.

>>> If your accumulative donations here are more than $10.00 check if your name appears in the ABOUT window correctly or if you want it to be changed or removed.

If you don't say anything I assume it is ok and I'll be releasing the app in a few days if no major bug appears due to the latest modifications.

Thank you all for your support and I hope to hear from you and I would love to see screen-shots of your projects working with the Loudness Graph


v2.0rc2 (2016-03-11)
  + RMS meters & graph
  + Right click in RMS button to change RMS Window for all meters
  # Changing meters area width define number of visible meters, not meter width.
  + Buttons to adjust meter width by 1 pixel and with mouse wheel over them.
  + Support for thin meters (width <32 pixels)
  + Support for saving window position (if REAPER 5.20+)
  # automatic detection of x64 or x32 platform. Always use HeDa_Loudness Graph.lua in your actions list now.
  # If playing, stop when adding or removing tracks and resume
  # Solo in graph in right click menu works for multiple selected tracks.
  # fix: selected graphs correctly for meters out of scroll visible area.