HeDa Loudness Graph update v2.0pre3

updates and fixes making it more stabke.

v2.0pre3 (2016-02-12)
# fix: don't fill non soloed tracks [X-Raym p=1635939&postcount=227]

# fix: meters opacity for non soloed tracks.

v2.0pre2 (2016-02-11)
+ Not closing script while rendering. message or nothing (configurable global option)
# fix: Save projects settings when switching tabs too. It was saving only the graph data.
# potential fix: avoid REAPER freeze in splash screen loading project sometimes if the script is running.
# fix: script crash sometimes when switching tabs and the script is running
# fix: script crash when switching tabs to unnamed project
# fix: script crash when open new project and script is running
# fix: script crash when closing project and script is running
# reset all meters when switching to another project
# fix: script crash removing track in some circumstances [X-Raym p=1635495&postcount=212]
# fix: track focus with master on and off. [X-Raym p=1635495&postcount=212]
# fix: avoid graph draw over menu [X-Raym p=1635495&postcount=212]
# fix: avoid adding tracks already added. [X-Raym p=1635495&postcount=212]