Track Inspector VIP v1.4rc7 (2019-05-02)

fixing many small things and optimizations.
Reorder FX should be much faster and safer now using native API. And you can also drag an FX to another track in TCP to copy it. No visual indication when dropping, but it should work.
Adding CTRL drag the fader for fine adjustment, and including the new theme Default_6.0 to match icons and colors for the next theme in REAPER 6. It won't be enabled by default. If you want to try it, go to settings and use the Load theme... button. Browse to the Track Inspector VIP/Default Themes/ folder and select Default_6.0.ti_theme  file..

* v1.4rc7 (2019-05-02)
  + Include Default_6.0 TI Theme. not enabled by default yet.
  # fix: Pan law set to 0.0 for TI hidden track
  # fix: prevent anticipative fx for TI hidden track
  # fix: disable metering on TI hidden track
  # internal: small update on Track tags for HeDaMixer Tag Tab feature
  # fix autoscrolling to the top panel color sometimes
  # fix mousewheel panel scrolling down forever
  # right click on fader to open I/O window
  # use native API functions for move and delete FX (requires REAPER 5.95)
  + drag FX and drop in TCP to copy fx to another track
  # fix color panel draw issue when dock window was very narrow.
  # sends and receives bars with tcp_volthumb icon
  # toggle send envelope button as icon
  # fix toggle send envelope in some cases
  + CTRL drag volume fader for fine adjustment

This is how it looks with the new Default 6.0 theme