Track Inspector VIP v1.4rc1 (2019-04-06)

Thanks to many recent donations I've been able to assign more hours of development. This release fixes many things looks a bit better. Some default settings and theme settings have been changed. So maybe you want to try and reset all settings, or just check settings page, now the settings that are changed from default are underlined in red, or in yellow if it is a theme setting.

There is still a thing to fix to support different sizes for theme images which will make easier to use other themes. But for now, you have some new things to check.

This is rc1 version (Release Candidate) so no more new features to add, only bug fixes. New features are on a list for v1.5 :) .

* v1.4rc1 (2019-04-06)
  + Back button to return to original track when right clicking a send to go to send's track.
  + Settings: Use mouse scroll wheel to scroll panels (using scroll wheels to scroll makes sense)
  + Setting: Color/trackname panel pinned on top option
  + Setting: Color/trackname panel shadow option if pinned
  # fix: Make sure proper version (VST3 or VST2) of dpmeter is used.
  # fix CTRL drag receives to fine adjust.
  # fix CTRL drag sends and receives mouse outside script window.
  # fix CTRL drag parameters to fine adjust
  # fix tooltip for toggle solo receive.
  # Automation: additional buttons hidden by default. Enable them in Automation panel menu.
  # moved Input FX button(I-FX) to FX Chain panel
  # do not show I-FX or Analysis chain button for Master track.
  + General panel: Added Recording Mode button
  + General panel: Added Lock Track Height button
  + General panel: Added Track Height Override button
  + General panel: Added Free Item Positioning button
  # General panel: reorganized a bit
  # fix many spacing adjustments
  # Changes in default TI themes (you may want to reload TI theme)
  + Underline changed settings from default,
  + Setting tooltip: add default value if setting changed from default.
  # fix: Load theme... fix default path on window.
  # fix: theme loading optimization
  # fix: add Last touched parameters buttons on FX panel if show parameters in FX panel is enabled.
  # fix: crash changing gendyn_max_seconds setting [p=2116833] Thanks Klangfarben
  # some default settings changes
  # notes panel renamed to Markers panel
  # performance optimizations



* v1.4pre72 (2019-03-28)
  # fix: better project change/load detection.
  + Settings: Draw overs line in color.
  + Settings: Draw reference line in color.
  + Settings: Grid line length factor.

* v1.4pre71 (2019-03-25)
  # some internal optimizations and fixes
  # fix reset IL not working on the PRE-FX meter  

* v1.4pre70 (2019-03-19)
  # fix: fx chain not updating to selected track correctly. broken in pre69 panel reordering