Track Inspector VIP v1.4pre9 (2017-07-04)

* v1.4pre9 (2017-07-04)
  + Track Tags: Toggle Solo in place by tags (except muted tracks)
  + Track Tags: Toggle Mute by tags (except already muted tracks)
  # Track Tags: Copy tags automatically when creating new Track Version
  # fix: crash renaming tag if there are no presets stored
  # fix: Additional instances (Master, Floating, etc) now use the same internal project data (used for notes, tags, etc etc) while maintaining different configurations.
  # Setting: customizable number of tags presets
  # Track Tags: avoid duplicated tags. @G-Sun
  # fix: tags panel arrow not rotating. @bFooz
  # Added second Floating instance
  + Setting: Tooltip delay

New tags function to solo and mute tracks by tags. It does respect your already muted tracks.

Now if a track has multiple tags, all of them must be set to visible in order to make the track visible. I'm thinking what will be the best way to make OR combinations for tags. So for example if only one of the tags is found to be set visible then show the track.

The floating instance won't generate additional sends now and it is possible to change tracks and work with the docked instance and the floating instance at the same time. Still each instance has its own configuration so you can hide or show panels individually for each instance. So I added a second floating instance by default that I will use for example to hide all panels from the settings except the tags one. Now all tags, notes, and any other project data are stored in the main instance always. So you can access the information from the floating instances too.