Track Inspector VIP v1.4pre67 (2019-03-14)

New font sizes adjustments and layout, bug fixes and new commands to create actions for Tags and FX groups. For now you have to be running Track Inspector for the actions to work but at least you can assign shortcuts to your favourite tags or fx groups.

font1 is used on small texts, font2 is the default font for all buttons and text, font 3 is used by plugin names and parameters and fader gain. Font 4 is used for the IL loudness meter. I find it good also to change the font4 to Impact or Bebas, for a bold narrow font number.

new default font sizes:
font 1: 12 
font 2: 16
font 3: 21
font 4: 32

* v1.4pre67 (2019-03-14)
  + CTRL+click on FX group to online/offline FX group
  + FXGroups: "Create FX Groups actions" it creates actions to bypass, show, or online/offline FX group
  + Tags: "Create Tag Actions" it creates actions for each tag (TCP MCP MUTE SOLO ISOLATETCP ISOLATEMCP and HEDAMIXER) and tags presets
  # fix: crash when using auto track tags in some cases.
  # theme: some font adjustments. You may want to reload default 5 TI theme to see new default font sizes or reset all settings to default to reload all defaults.
  # theme: layout adjustments on meter panel and improvements
  + theme: visibility options for Mastering/Mixing - Post/Pre - EBUmode buttons on meter panel on the meter panel menu.
  # fix: dragging send fix do not open send when mouse release over send name after dragging a send bar.