Track Inspector VIP v1.4pre5 (2017-06-11)

* v1.4pre5 (2017-06-11)
  + Direction meter (like direction line in goniometer) (change smooth of direction meter with mouse wheel over it)
  + Direction histogram
  + Phase Correlation meter
  + Phase Correlation histogram
  + JSFX Track Inspector optimizations (after update, restarting REAPER once is required to refresh the JSFX)
  + Two sets of custom reference levels with a button to quickly switch between them, and settings to define levels and names
  + Setting: Auto reset on clipping when play/seek [p=1853656] @Macc
  + Setting: Auto reset EBUR128 on play/seek [p=1853656] @Macc
  + Toggle Master Mono button [p=1853791] @G-Sun
  + Changed some Default Settings for Master instance only that override default settings (when resetting to default)
  # fix: pan law and pan mode for master track was not working.
  # fix: RMS window for master track and not being set correctly if changed from default.

  • This update includes some new things. A new meter for direction (like the direction line in a goniometer) of stereo sound with histogram, and a phase correlation, also with histogram.Both can be enabled/disabled from the Meters menu if you don't like them. Histogram doesn't update if there is no signal detected or if the correlation is perfect 1.0 all the time, in the case of mono output for example. 
    You can click over the meter or correlation meter, to reset the histogram in case you changed something and need a new analysis.
    You can also change the speed/smoothness of the direction meter indication. Use the mouse wheel to do so, while the mouse is over the meter. Lower values will be more responsive to changes in stereo direction.
  • Restart REAPER required after update: A number of optimizations have been done to the Track Inspector JSFX that is installed in the JSFX effects folder needed for the meters. Since you may be running already this JSFX when updating to this version, you may need to just restart REAPER to make sure REAPER reads again the new JSFX file, The new meters(direction and correlation) won't be working until then.

  • A new feature that adds a second set of reference levels for mastering. I use this because in the project mixing I export all to -23 LUFS and I like to have master reference level as -23. But then in mastering, I may want to compress all to -14 or -16. I don't wanted to constantly go to settings and change the reference levels for the master, so now it is one click only directly from the meter. You can customize both sets of reference levels from the settings page, and rename them if you want.
  • This update includes also some bug fixes and features requested by users in the forum, like a mono button for master, and auto reset clipping/LUFS indicators when playing /seeking. Thank you for the suggestions!