Track Inspector VIP v1.4pre21 (2017-09-28)

* v1.4pre21 (2017-09-28)
  + Export Tags to a file. (exports the names of current tags in the project to a file for later import in another project)
  + Import Tags from a file (merges tags from file with current tags in the project)
  + LT Env. Button to show only the envelope of the last touched parameter [t=196436]
  # fix: unsolo tracks for archived not active versions [p=1891410]@Gianfini

* v1.4pre20 (2017-09-23)
  + Use any instances at the same time. Share project data between instances (master, floating, floating 2, etc)
  + Be able to Tag selected tracks from master track instance (even if master instance is locked to master)
  + Archive/Unarchive Tracks buttons in general panel (archiving a track meaning: mute track/puts all effects offline/sets archived suffix)
  + Setting: Do not unhide archived tracks when unhiding tag TCP and MCP.
  + Setting: Archived tracks suffix
  + Setting: use Premaster track setting makes Premaster track the one to use in FX chain panel even if using monitor FX Chain for meters.
  + Tags: Do not unhide not active Track Versions (not active versions are now renamed with a suffix) "*** not active version ***" Suffix customizable in settings.
  + Tags: settings in tags panel menu, to toggle display of buttons TCP, MCP, Solo, Mute...
  + Tags: settings in tags panel menu, to toggle smaller buttons for TCP and MCP (icons option may come later)
  # fix: go to track note on master track instance, some other bug fixes in track notes for the master track instance.
  # fix: changing track notes minimum ID number was causing a crash
  # fix: master track instance: update when opening another project
  # fix: refresh graphic buffer glitch when undo (broken recently I think)
  # fix: performance: don't create or modify aux TI sends if meters panel is hidden
  # fix: position of meters panel button when collapsing down meters panel
  # fix: tag extra width when entering tag