Track Inspector VIP v1.3pre5

* v1.3pre5 (2017-02-19)
  + Option in settings to Render Stems to new track versions with POST-FADER rendering or PRE-FADER as before by default.
  # fix: group flags, track color and track icon are copied to new stems rendered track version
  # fix: check track version exists before deleting track version when it is in a track group

some small updates
The new rendered stems now has the same track color, track icon, and track grouping parameters. I use track groupings mostly for VCA master/slaves. so the new rendered track maintains the same VCA slave configuration. This was bothering me so now it is fixed.
Also I've added a new option in settings to define if we want the stems to be rendered as post-fader and reset the fader and pan in the new rendered track.