Track Inspector VIP v1.3pre13 (2017-03-04)

* v1.3pre13 (2017-03-04)
+ Meters: Show Peaks option
+ Meters: Show SL Accumulation
# Meters: improved peak clip indicators (click the number to reset it)
+ meter_master.png for different meter image on master track if wanted.
+ waveform color setting.
# waveform scalemax always 1.0 for master track.
# fix: update track when pasting tracks.
# fix: spacing in collapsed freeze and receives panels.

Adding some more stuff to the meters, always optional, you can disable it in the meters panel menu.
Show Peaks: shows two smaller meters for the peaks like normal meters in REAPER next to the RMS meters.
Show SL Accumulation: Displays a histogram of SL values over the loudness meter. Maybe I think it should be renamed to SL histogram.
Meters now look like this:

also the master track inspector can have a different png (meter_master.png) in the theme, to differentiate the master track a bit better if wanted.

and some small bug fixes.