Region Tracks v2.0 pre-release (2017-11-29)

New Region Tracks VIP v2.0 released (previously Regions&Markers from Items)

* v2.0pre1 (2017-11-29)
  + Complete rewrite of "Regions&Markers from Items" script. New GUI. New engine. Better association with items.
  +    Compatible with Region Render Matrix.
  + Option to Join overlapped items into single region.
  + On change refresh. Minimized mode on change.
  + Manual Refresh.
  + Optimized Autorefresh. Option to fall back to On change if it is slower than a threshold.
  + No need to specify minimum index in track name suffix. Dedicated button for it.
  + Change minimum index for each track maintaining Region Render Matrix, it can be used as region render matrix presets for each group.
  + Buttons to add to Render Region Matrix.
  + New GUI

Track Inspector VIP Updates today

* v1.4pre32 (2017-11-29)
  + Setting: Added option: Delete hidden Track Inspector Analysis Tracks on Exit
  + FXChain: Added buttons to show FXChain of: Selected Track, Analysis PostFader, Analysis PreFX buttons
  + Meter panel option: Show/Hide pan law and pan mode buttons
  + Export Tags as "Default" will make the list of tags always imported automatically
  # fix: refix scroll to first fully visible panel when changing track
  # fix: Hide Notepad when showing all track notes
  # fix: when importing tags from file, or from default. Do not change tag settings(TCP, MCP, weight etc) if the tag already exists in the project

* v1.4pre31 (2017-11-16)
  + Meter Panel: Option to set True Peak MAX level when red indicator happens (TP MAX over level)(default -1.0)
  + Versions: Render selected area to new track version
  # fix: crash deleting track version when version was created by rendering stem to new version.
  # fix: no color of rendered new version if original version had no color.
  + Settings: Do not put FX online when switching track versions.
  + Settings: Do not put FX offline in unactive track versions when switching or creating track versions.
* v1.4pre30 (2017-11-13)
  + Gain reduction meter with GainReduction_dB API (needs REAPER v5.65pre12+)
  # TP MAX suffix units changed to dBFS

* v1.4pre29 (2017-11-13)
  # Only show used FX groups
  # small fix in fx names
* v1.4pre28 (2017-11-10)
  # fix: scrolling panels issue skipping notepad panel
  # fix: crash when renaming a tag (broken in pre27)
  # fix: small fixes in tags
* v1.4pre27 (2017-11-09)
  + Notepad panel: Multiline text panel for adding general notes of text to the tracks.

* v1.4pre26 (2017-11-08)
  # fix: tags, crash changing TCP visibility
  # fix: Listening mode fixes (hide meter buttons, show fader, and customizable listening mode text, no text by default now)

* v1.4pre25 (2017-10-17)
  # fix: Crash when disabling "Show RMS meters" and correlation meter is used.