HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0pre3

another update.. it's getting better. Or it should.
Please if you are mac user, I would like to see a screenshot to make sure it is looking good. Thanks!
to update, overwrite all files from the zip to your resources folder.

v1.0pre3 (2016-03-19)
  + Post-Fader/Pre-Fader option for meters
  + Pan label number display %L %R CENTER
  + some theming options (background color, text1 and text2 color)
  + button to change RMS Window size
  # don't show parameters panel for now until implemented
  # fix: disable master analysis fx when not displaying master
  # desaturated a bit RMS meters
  # improved EBUR128 number readings display
  # improved grid display if meter zone height is smaller