HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0beta2 and HeDa_Loudness Graph v2.0rc4

Track Inspector is quite usable now. Only bugs fixes and finish the settings UI for some settings if needed. It's been about three months of development and I'm quite happy with how it is. I see many new features wanted in the forum, that I may probably add next month. But for now let's release this v1.0 soon if there are no more new big bugs. There has been more donations and patrons with this app than Loudness Graph, so I may update Track Inspector more in the future. I know I was going to release Loudness Graph v2.0 long time ago, but it is good that I waited because it was needed to modify some things to be able to work together with Track Inspector. So I'll finally release both together.

To update: Extract and replace all files. Track Inspector JSFX has been updated too.

HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0beta2 (2016-04-27)
  + SHIFT+click send presets to send to channel 3+4 of preset's track destination
  + Meters: option to show Prefx meter by default (rightclick menu in meters panel)
  + Meters: option to hide/show RMS meters.
  + Meters: option to use ML instead SL for the EBUR128 filled rectangle.
  + fader_limit options to set limits by default on start.
  # fix: Do not steal focus
  # fix: disable plugins on Listening_Mode(no meters display)
  # fix: Show all markers when showing all track notes.
  # fix: Note checkmark didn't work showing all track notes.
  # click in empty meters area in listening mode to enable meters again.
  # Don't use audio_statistics and use only dpMeter and JSFX Track_Inspector


And update for HeDa Loudness Graph:

HeDa_Loudness Graph v2.0rc4 (2016-04-27)
  # IMPORTANT: dpMeter 1.4.3 compatibility
  + option to bypass_EBUR128_when_RMS to save CPU in RMS modes (bypass_EBUR128_when_RMS)
  # compatibility fixes to work with HeDa_Track Inspector
  # information to configure dpMeter if needed displayed in script console instead of messagebox window.
  # fix: Do not steal focus