HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0beta1

A lot of changes in this new release. Getting closer to what the final version will be.
Read carefully the changelog. A lot of new things to test.

To update, extract and replace all the files inside the zip to your resources folder or portable reaper folder as always. 

It is a beta1 because it is in a more advanced state than any of the pre-release versions. But keep in mind it is still a pre-release. No major new features expected. One could try to work in real life projects with it now.

Thanks for your feedback and support!

v1.0beta1 (2016-04-21)
  # IMPORTANT: dpMeter 1.4.3 required
  # several bug fixes: Allow undo, docking, run master instance at the same time
  # compatibility fixes to work with HeDa Loudness Graph
  + Fader: PreFX Fader to offset Prefx Volume envelope
  + TCP-FX Parameters panel
  + General panel: Record Arm, Monitoring, Input-FX, Invert Polarity, Timing, Lock track, Mute, Solo buttons.
  + Pan: Stereo Pan and Dual Pan support, and button to change Track's Pan Mode
  + Pan: Pan Law button  
  + Automation: Menu in Right click automation panel button
  + Automation: buttons for Envelopes dialog and toggle envelopes for track buttons
  # Automation: fix: Touch mode
  # Automation: switch modes with icon buttons
  + General Dynamics meter: hold max dB number for x seconds (x=gendyn_max_seconds)
  # General Dynamics meter: fix: don't display if General Dynamics is bypassed
  + Notes: Check mark, to set notes done/undone
  # Notes: Better sorting method allowing notes in same place.
  # Notes: More compact notes panel if number of notes < notes per page
  # Meters: Don't display meters if meters area height < 100 pixels
  + Meters: LUFS and LU scales: EBU+9, EBU+18  
  + Meters: graphical Loudness Range rectangle
  + Meters: graphical True Peak Maximum line
  + Meters: Peak Hold display
  + Meters: Waveform display. CTRL-Drag left and right to change waveform scale.
  + Meters: option to insert clip indicator marker when peak over +0.0dB
  # Tooltips: fix: don't interfere with tooltips ouside Track Inspector window.
  # Fix: Allow track change with display FXChain on track selection change [postcount=199]
  + UI: new and improved UI tweaks
  + UI: display_* global variables to completely hide specific panels