HeDaMixer VIP v2.0pre9 (2019-05-14)

Now we can override the default reference levels per track. A thicker line indicates the custom reference level for the track. It is possible to enter precise level from the "Right click menu" on the track, or to ALT+click to set the level where clicked. This works for the selected track or tracks, so you can assign a reference level for multiple tracks at once.

Automatic Gain Level Adjustment to Reference level. Now HeDaMixer comes with advanced neuronal networks artificial intelligence  that will mix your projects while you go on vacation. :D now seriously.. this, when engaged (press A key with window focused), will take control of the faders that have a custom reference level assigned and will adjust them to maintain that reference loudness level. This feature is experimental. And no.. it is not artificial intelligence, just maybe slightly smart. Here is an example:

Now we can add separator before the tracks. not only after the tracks. And the rest is self explanatory in the changelog:

* v2.0pre9 (2019-05-14)
  + Support RMS and EBUR128 for "Meter from another track"
  + Per track reference levels (Right click track menu: Reference level...)
  + ALT+click on selected track(s) to set reference level where clicked
  + Automatic Gain Level Adjustment to Reference level
  + CTRL+drag fader for fine adjustment
  + Right click track menu: Separator BEFORE track...
  + Notice warning when adding many tracks (RMS or EBUR128)
  # CTRL+mouse wheel zooms vertically
  # ALT+mouse wheel zooms in/out
  # fix: Add tab menu crash when there are no tags in project
  # fix: panlaw aux tracks to 0