HeDaMixer VIP v2.0pre1 (2019-03-11) released

This new 2.0 version of HeDaMixer will have more features that I have in mind but for now it has implemented the basic functions to support RMS and EBUR128 meters. To set the meters type you can find the option in the right click menu as all the options. These modes will increase CPU usage significantly if used on many meters because we have to use one instance of dpmeter3 for each track so be aware of that. This is nice to be used on some BUS tracks to have a better meter representation of the loudness of some groups of tracks. To reset the loudness calculation you can click on the IL number, or middle click to reset on all tracks.

* v2.0pre1 (2019-03-11)
  + RMS meters (using Track Inspector JSFX) Customizable RMS window
  + EBUR128 meters (using dpmeter3 v1.3.4) Click in IL number to reset IL in track. Middle click to reset IL in all displayed tracks on the mixer
  + EBUR128 Loudness Range display (using VST3 dpmeter3)
  # About page with changelog and links to VIP members and VIP donations.
  # Font size for db scale

Also worth mention, released HeDaMixer 1.0 final version for everybody, not only VIP members.

Thank you to all VIP members for the continuous support making the scripts possible