HeDaMixer VIP v1.0pre8

* v1.0pre8 (2018-08-14)
  + Big CPU optimization drawing only what is seen. Now we can have many tracks , as with the use MCP tracks option. Only visible ones in the window will be drawn.
  # fix: mouse over bottom text label with custom width tracks draws lines with correct width.
  + Option to use all tracks in MCP
  + Theming: new files support for displaying image at peak hold line and meter line (peakhold.png and meter.png)
  # fix: bad string displayed when volume -Inf.
  # fix: possible crash

This new update mainly has to new features. An option to use all the tracks displayed in the REAPER default mixer (MCP). This was requested in the forum. But then I realized that there was a bug and I should only draw the tracks that are shown in the window. Because scrolling to the right was causing more and more slowness as more tracks were calculated.  Now it is always fast.

And another feature is to have images shown at the level of the meter, and at the peak hold line. Create the files meter.png and peakhold.png in your HeDaMixer theme and it will find the images next start. You can now have a DAW with cookies