HeDaMixer preview

A preview of the progress in HeDaMixer.

I've been working in this new script/app which is intended to be like a secondary mixer window. The idea was not to replace REAPER mixer, but to have another window that can be useful to always have some tracks at hand. For example, VCA tracks, or some BUS tracks, or whatever is needed. By default it shows the selected tracks, until you lock them on display. There is also integration with Track Inspector tags with special instances that always show tracks by tag.

Right now it has basic functionality, like meter and fader gain, solo and mute buttons, FX and I/O buttons.  It is easy to change the width of all the mixer, or a single track to make room for multichannel meter for example. It is possible to hide/show different elements of the mixer. Like faders, to have only a meter window. The meters support gain reduction meter reported by the compression plugins.

Sample screen captures:

Docked to the bottom. You can easily change the width:


Here an example with two instances, one special instance linked to tracks with a OutputBUS tag in Track Inspector. And the normal instance. You can have as many instances as you want. Each one can be docked or floated anywhere. And each instance has its own configuration, for example, meter widths, faders display, colors, etc...

There is still work to do, features to add etc, and I occasionally get some crashes that I need to fix, but the main framework is working, hopefully, and I wanted to announce this preview to let you all know how it is going. I hope you like it!