Download HeDa_Track Inspector v1.0pre1

First pre-release of Track Inspector available for my patrons

This is a preliminary release for beta testing and there are things unfinished and performance could be improved. But it should work and I hope I can get your feedback.

Make sure you read the installation instructions. It uses the same dpMeter preset "Loudness" for EBUR128 meter.

* v1.0pre1 (2016-03-17)
  + Initial pre-release
  + Track Notes
  + Freezer/Unfreezer/Frozen info
  + FX Chain
  + Track Delay
  + Sends
  + Receives
  + Pan and volume faders
  + Pan and volume RMS meters
  + Loudness EBUR128 meters
  + PreFX loudness meter
  + wet/dry controls for each fx
  + Multiple instances support  
  + Optional action to always initialize at master track and locked