Regions&Markers from Items

This script is very useful to manage your regions and markers. You can create as many tracks you want with empty items, and then the script will create the regions or markers based on those items and update them in real time. If you mute the track it will delete those regions or markers. So you can have different types or sets of regions for each track.


There are two versions of the script included. One that runs in the background constantly and one that opens a window where you can select which tracks to activate. Label the tracks containing your items with a suffix "Markers x" or "Regions x" where x is a number that will be used as the start id number for the markers.

You can have several tracks, with different starting numbers to avoid markers to have the same id.
 You should avoid different tracks with same id markers.
 For example you could have these tracks, with 100 items in each.
 - EXPORT Regions 1
 - Structure Regions 100
 - Lyrics Regions 200
 - Annotations 300
 Add some items, or empty items in the track.
 The notes of the item will be used for the region or marker name.
 Region or Marker color will be inherited from the item's color.
 If you have SWS extensions with auto coloring regions or markers you should revise the settings below
 If you add/remove tracks while the script is running you should close and restart the script to refresh the list of tracks
 When the script is running it will update the regions and markers, from the items in each track that is not muted. Mute the track and it will delete the markers.
 We have to delete them since we can't hide them. But if you want them back, just unmute the track. So it's like Show/Hide.